Smart Cycling Course at Blount County Library September 14 at the Blount County Library.

Whether you are returning to bicycling riding, getting in shape for better health, Or consider yourself a experienced rider, the information and advice in the Smart Cycling Skills that will make riding easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The Smart Cycling Course includes tips and techniques that increase the benefits of bicycling and stay safe while you're doing it. Vehicular cycling (also known as bicycle driving) is the practice of riding bicycles on roads in a manner that is in accordance with the principles for driving in traffic. The course is two sections combining online instruction with parking lot and on-road practice of vehicular bicycling principles.

Course Length

The Smart Cycling Course is completed with on bike skill drills. This session begins with a review of causes of crashes and strategies to prevent them. Then a review of bike skills will be given with practice before skill scoring. This portion of the course is approximately 4 hours and is limited to six students per LCI.

For certification:

The course begins with participants completing an online self guided course. The Certificate of Completion must be printed by the participant and brought to the bike skills course. The Smart Cycling Manual is available for reference for this guided course.

Get registered today at by calling 865-803-8887 or email donnasuedixon@hotmail.com