bumper-stickersAnyone can purchase...bike clubs, bike shops and individuals. A $50 donation will get a package of 25 bumper stickers and 25 window decals. Bike shops can either give them away, or ask for a $1 donation for a "no-cost" mechanism to spread the word! Order in blocks of 25, either oval or state outline.

Ordering Info

Make checks payable to: Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation

Mail to:

Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation
c/o Tracy Carico
609 West Lamar Alexander Pkwy
Maryville, Tennessee 37801

We have printed an initial run of 2000 stickers. We would like Tennessee Cycling Clubs, Bike Shops, Racing Teams and Event Organizers to step up and help promote this law and the Jeff Roth Cycling Organization by displaying the stickers on your cars, windows, storefronts, roof racks, or wherever you like. We are asking that each Club, Store, or Team purchase 50 stickers (25 of each design). The cost is $1 each. All proceeds will benefit the Jeff Roth Cycling Organization. This will help the organization to fund the continuation of this promotion as well as address other issues that will affect the Tennessee Cycling Community. The stickers can then be sold or passed out by each group. Stores may want to sell the stickers or give them out with the purchase of a bike or cycling accessories. Clubs may want to include the sticker as part of their membership package. Event organizers could put the stickers in their event grab bags. The choice is up to your group.

The point is that your organization would help promote cycling in Tennessee through your initial $50 donation to purchase the stickers.

If you are interested in supporting The Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation, promoting cycling in Tennessee, and bringing awareness to the Tennessee 3 Foot Law, then please consider to purchase 50 (or more) stickers for your organization.

A very special thank you to Mike Stewart and the KnoxVelo Cycling Club/Team in Knoxville, TN that handled the design and intial distribution of the stickers!

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